FCC Tickets

Fine Collection Center (FCC) Tickets

The Sate of Missouri has a unique system for processing and collecting payments for certain traffic tickets. Participating counties can voluntarily take advantage of a processing center (the Fine Collection Center), which offers uniform fines for tickets across the state.

The FCC was authorized by statute in 1999 and allows any participating court to use the FCC to process traffic tickets without having to use court staff to process the tickets, keep track of court dates, collect payments, or keep track of non-payers.

One of the benefits touted by the FCC is the ability of courts, attorneys, and the public to keep track of all FCC cases on Case.net, the state’s case management website. There, anyone with internet access can research and review tickets issued in any Missouri county to any driver simply by searching for the driver’s name.

Unfortunately, Case.net also makes it very easy for both insurance companies and employers to search for your name to locate any tickets you have received. This makes it especially important to have those tickets handled by an attorney who can assist you in keeping a conviction for a moving violation off of your record.

Did you know that if you pay this ticket through the FCC:

-you will be pleading guilty to the charge (a moving violation)?

-you will be assessed two (2) points for non-speeding violations and three (3) points for speeding violations greater than five (5) miles over the posted speed limit?

-it will be reported on your driver record as a moving violation, which will most likely result in an increase in your insurance premiums (in addition to any points assessed)?

-if you attend a “driver improvement program” to keep the points off of your record, this will still be reported as a moving violation on your driving record, which will most likely result in an increase in your insurance premiums?

-if you are licensed in another state, Missouri will report this conviction to the state you are licensed in and it will, in all likelihood, be reported as a moving violation on your driving record, which will most likely result in an increase in your insurance premiums?

-if you plead “not guilty” to this charge, you must appear in Court to resolve this matter?

-if you do nothing, the State of Missouri will suspend your driver license?

Don’t just pay your ticket! Let Chris Dulle of <strong><em>The Dulle Law Firm, LLC</em></strong> help you with your FCC tickets. I have handled FCC tickets throughout Missouri and will work to help you minimize the effect these tickets will have on you.

I have handled tickets in the following Missouri counties: Andrew County, Atchison County, Boone County, Buchanan County, Butler County, Caldwell County, Callaway County, Cape Girardeau County, Cass County, Clark County, Clay County, Clinton County, Cole County, Cooper County, Crawford County, Davies County, Dekalb County, Dent County, Gasconade County, Greene County, Harrison County, Holt County, Howard County, Jackson County, Jasper County, Laclede County, Lafayette County, Lawrence County, Lewis County, Lincoln County, Linn County, Livingston County, Macon County, Madison County, Marion County,  Mercer County, Miller County, Moniteau County, Monroe County, Montgomery County, New Madrid County, Osage County, Pemiscot County, Perry County, Phelps County, Pike County, Platte County, Pulaski County, Ralls County, Randolph County, Saline County, Scott County, Shelby County, St. Charles County, St. Francois County, St. Louis County, Ste. Genevieve County, Wayne County, and Webster County.

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